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Electrical Power and Energy Conversion


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 Magdalene College

18th June -   Venue Magdalene College Cripps Court Theatre and Magdalene Fellows garden

9 am – Welcome speeches

Professor David Cardwell              – Head of Engineering Department

Professor Sir Mark Welland           – Head of Electrical Engineering

9.15 – General introduction

Dr Tim Coombs                           – Head of EPEC group

9.25 – Plenary

Professor Sir Michael Sterling       - Chairman of STFC

The UK’s Electrical Power system, past present and future

 9.55 – Session 1 – Grids – Chair Dr. Teng long

Four speakers each with 20 minutes

Dr James Yu                               - Scottish Power

The role of the DNOs in the future evolution of the grid

Professor Goran Strbac                – Imperial College

              Flexibility – facilitating cost effective transition to low carbon energy future

Professor Kang Li                        – Queens University Belfast

              The nexus of sustainable energy and manufacturing

Dr Tim Coombs                           – Cambridge University

              Transmission requirements and stability

11.15– Tea break

11.30 – Session 2 – Transport/ motors – Chair Dr Marina Antoniou

Four speakers each with 20 minutes

Dr Teng  Long                            -  Cambridge University

Power convertors for electric vehicles

Dr Paul Robertson                      -  Cambridge University

Small scale Electric aircraft

Dr Rob Watson                          - Rolls Royce

A Rolls-Royce View of the electrification of aerospace

Dr Andre Thunot                        - Dyson

Making better batteries


12.50 – Lunch – lunch will be taken in the fellows garden

14.30 – Session 3 – Power and power electronics – Chair Dr Tim Coombs

Four speakers each with 20 minutes

Paul Barnfather                          - EA Technology

Developments at EA technology and their impact on the future direction of power systems

Dr Ziming Song                          - Toshiba

Development of a novel VSC converter for HVDC applications

Professor Xiao-ping Zhang           - Birmingham University

Flexible LCC HVDC to support the energy internet/energy integration

        Dr M Antoniou & Dr P Palmer      – Cambridge University

Power Electronics

15.50 – Tea break

16.05 – Break-out sessions/ round table discussion;

Session 1 Chaired by Dr Tim Flack

To include a presentation by Mr Saikat Ghosh/Dr Tim Flack  on Machines and converters for mild hybrid electric vehicles


Followed by  a discussion on Present and Future teaching in electrical power engineering

Session 2 Chaired by Professor Peter Tavner

The influence of renewable energy and its penetration into the grid.

The sessions will run in parallel and there will be an opportunity to move between sessions after 40 minutes

17.25 – Concluding remarks/ wrap up

17.30 – Workshop ends