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Pictures from New Horizons in Electric Power

Professor Sir Michael Sterling

Professor Sir Mark Welland
Professor Sir Mark Welland

Professsor DAvid Cardwell
Professor David Cardwell

audience 1
Questions to Professor Sterling

Dr Flack asks a question
Dr Flack asks a Question

Professor Sterling's response
Professor Sterling's response

Dr Coombs
Dr Coombs

Dr long Chair
Dr Long, Chairs a session

Dr Yu
Dr Yu

Professor Strbac illustrates the size of the problem

Dr Li
Professor Li

Strbac 2
Professor Strbac shows that the problem is getting bigger

A solution ?

Drs Robertson and Antoniou
Drs Robertson and Antoniou

Dr  Rob Watson - Rolls Royce
Dr Watson illustrates the Rolls Royce view of the future

Dr Thunot
Dr Thunot emphasises that Dyson are working on smaller better batteries

Lunch in Magdalene College's Fellows Garden
Lunch in Magdalene College's Fellows Garden

lunch 2
Professor Tavner thinking about the afternoon's round table discussion

yu and strbac
Professors Yu and Strbac

Paul Barnfather
Paul Barnfather puts EA Technology's view

Professot Song
Professor Song (Toshiba) talks about HVDC

Professor Zhang

round table 1
Professor Tavner chairs one of the round table discussions

round table 2
The second round table discussion chaired by Tim Flack discussed the future needs in education

Dr Coombs wraps up
Dr Coombs thanks the speakers and the audience at the end of the workshop