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Power electronics

Exploration of new materials, devices and systems dedicated to intelligent and efficient generation, transfer, storage and use of electrical energy.


Apply novel circuit topologies, emerging power semiconductor devices and magnetic components, enhanced controls to improve efficiency, power density, reliability and adaptability of the power conversion systems for Energy, Transport and Healthcare applications.


We are committed to apply novel technologies and educate engineers to power, move and cure the world and benefit our communities


  1. Transformer-less dual-grounding solar power conversion systems
  2. Novel pole-pair adjustable induction machines and drives for wide torque and speed adjustment
  3. High voltage transfer ratio, high power rating, high power density DC/DC converters
  4. Nanocrystalline alloy based ribbon and powder magnetic materials for high frequency transformers and inductors
  5. Bi-directional on-board chargers for EVs
  6. Inductive power transfer for wireless EV charging
  7. Traction inverter for 800 V systems used in EVs

Academics and PI status researchers